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Fun With PayPal - A True Money Maker

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Not a doubler or a cycler.  Just a true money maker

Am I the only fool? 
I joined and so far only made $0.50
I joined and so far made ZERO
I joined and so far made ZERO
I joined and so far made ZERO
I joined and so far made $5 from my $5,
I joined and they've disappeared with my
           money and are no longer online.

But I joined this program below and in less than a week I've received $22.
This is a variation of a long running program which has been in newspapers and also
on the Oprah show.  I'm just guessing that people trust whatever Oprah discusses on
her talk show.  I did. And it's working.  Take a look at this now.

Before you doubt this, do a search "$5.00 PayPal legal or not" on any
search engine, and you will see this is real!  Ask Oprah!



That's Right, $1,000's Into Your PayPal Account, and That's NO BULL!!!
$5 Dollars...That's All It Takes.

Do It Right Now And Have Some Cash For The Weekend!!!!!!!

The Reason It Works Is Because There Is Only 2 Names On The List. 
Very, very Fast Money  & About 80% Responding!!

To get started, just right mouse click and copy this whole page and
paste it in an e-mail to edit it.

Follow the directions below and by the weekend you'll have a few $100's. Why?
Because most people respond due to the low investment and high profit potential.

Just donate five dollars ($5.00) between 2 people.  That`s it, thats all you
have to do!!!!

Now let me tell you the simple details:
1)  Log into your PayPal account, and send the first (1st) person`s e-mail
on the list a $3.00 donation.

2)  Log back into your PayPal account, and send the second (2nd) person's
email on the list a $2.00 donation.

Paypal is the fastest way to receive money worldwide.
If you don`t have Paypal then sign up as a member for free.

Click Here --->

Once you sign up, log into Paypal.
Click on "send money"
PayPal will ask you to select type, select: service,
and put  "$3.00 donation"  for the subject.  This is the 1st person's email.

Log back into PayPal,  but this time it's only a $2 donation
to the 2nd person's email.

Remember, only the first person on the list gets your $3.00 donation.
The second person on the list gets your $2.00 donation.

Only after paying the 2 person's on the list the respective donations,
remove (delete) the person's email in Position one, move the person's email
in Position two into Position one, and then add your email into Position two.

This new concept enables you to quickly receive donations from 2 phases.
NO more waiting!!  Immediate return on your investment!!

Once you email out copies of this letter with your name in Position two,
you will start receiving donations in the amount of $2.00 until someone
picks up from your mailings and moves you into Position one. This is where you'll make twice as much.

Send to as many people as fast as possible!!
The quicker you forward this on the quicker we all make money!!!!

That`s all there is to it. You will be receiving donations very quickly from
your # 2 position and then your # 1 position. 
They will be sent to you by approximately two to three hundred people like
yourself who are willing to invest $5.00 to receive hundreds in return.

What are you waiting for ....... do this now and have some spending money
for this weekend!



Honesty and patience makes this plan work. At this time
participants have been receiving an 80% return!  80%!!!!!!!!
The majority have received $100's so far.
What could you buy this weekend with all that cash?? ......

Remember - TIME is of the essence! Forward this to as many people as you can
as quickly as possible .... lets make some money!!!!!

Have a Great Day and Take Care

There is no limit to the income you can generate from this.
You can do it over and over again.  Just continue mailing.

Copy between the green lines and place into an email to edit.

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